Who is Stembrella?

We are so excited to announce that we have partnered up with an amazing organization called Stembrella. They have decided to be one of our new corporate sponsors. They are really helping us launch our not for profit organization and support us in our effort to helping change children’s lives. We have created a synergistic relationship with Stembrella in helping them create a donation platform for children in their programs. Not only are we helping them, but they’re helping us and our cause by generously donating to help kids stay healthy and active!

“We are a dedicated and experienced team of leading physicians and scientists devoted to treating patients with advanced and incurable ailments whilst continuously searching for better stem cell therapies and cures. After years of extensive experience, we have been able to develop a comprehensive procedure for administering stem cells in a very precise and customized regime which is patient friendly. We aim to achieve the highest possible results, whilst adhering to the highest levels of patient safety. This therapy is known as autologous stem cells also know as augmented stem cells therapy.”

We believe in a preventative approach to combating diseases that effects the heart, lungs, and other major organs. Here at Change for Change we help kids make better lifestyle choices to help prevent some of the diseases that Stembrella is fighting to treat! Help both of us, help our youth! Below we have stories of two incredible young boys, who both need our awareness and help. Please take the time to read about the two, we believe that their stories will touch your hearts.

You can check out Stembrella and their cause at www.stembrella.org

Meet Tristan The Brave

Tristan is a 3 year old boy who is battling against Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). He was diagnosed on October 21, 2015. His parents can’t stress enough how much his diagnosis has been a struggle on a day to day basis, DIPG does not let you rest for a second. Tristan lost his ability to walk or stand still without losing balance, and needed assistance to do simple things he could manage before his diagnosis. He suffered from severe double vision, facial paralysis, speech difficulty, trouble swallowing, and behavioural struggles that was accounted to the pain that he wasn’t able to express. His tumor grew so large that his parents were told that if they didn’t do radiation right away, Tristan might not be able to make it to Christmas (which was 3 months away at the time). Tristan underwent 6 weeks of radiation to gain some relief, and shrink the tumor enough to buy some more time to search for a miracle.

Thankfully, Tristan made it through with great success with the help of a strict Organic diet and holistic protocols. Here at Change for Change we want to help Tristan continue to thrive, heal and beat this diagnosis. We are helping them raise money and support them to help pay for Tristan’s Naturopathic team of doctos, his health protocals, organic diet and keeping him the happy child he deserves to be. We also want to help them with any clinical trials that they have the opportunity to participate in, but they are all out of country and all at his parent’s expense.If anyone would be so gracious to help Tristan and his family, we will be accepting donations towards his cause.

Meet Joshua

He is a smiley, happy, 5 year old who is a member of a big family. Joshua started speaking and dancing at the age of 1, and has such a loving and supporting family. After his 12 month and 18 month vaccinations, his mother found that he was starting to lose his hair and then became completely bald after 3 months. When all of this was happening, he also lost all of the language he had aquired and no longer spoke. His only form of communication was screaming and he would run and jump everywhere. He lost all of his behaviour, and hardly ate anything anymore besides milk and pureed food.

Shortly after everything started happening, they had brought Joshua to a private hospital to see a neuropsychologist specialist, and after several tests, Joshua’s family had learned that he is Autistic. His family decided the best thing to do for him was be their best, and never give up. Joshua is now taking therapy, but the progress is very slow. Joshua still does not speak, he only communicates by pictograms, he has a hard time sleeping at night, and often cries without reason. They have discovered Stembrella, and the wonderful organization that they are, and want to help Joshua have the best life possible. The treatment that he requires costs a large amount, and they can not cover it by themselves. That’s why they have asked us at Change for Change for help!