Small change – Creating BIG changes!

Change For Change’s main goal is to raise awareness about the importance of keeping kids healthy through physical activity and proper nutrition. We truly believe that a small donation of change by enough people can create lasting change in many children’s lives. C4C volunteers are found throughout Durham interacting with the public to raise awareness and funds through donations. Community partnerships allows donors to receive various incentives and prizes for their generosity including the opportunity to win trips, fitness memberships, boxing memberships, Cross Fit memberships, rehab services, and huge discounts in many participating local businesses in the Durham area.


All donors please send us a message on our contact page and fill out the required information. Let us know which cause you are donating for, and how much you are donating towards it. For every $50 donated, you will be entered into a special giveaway that Change for Change runs for our generous donors. Since Change for Change donates to many community charities and causes, it is important to specify which one you are supporting! We thank you in advance!